Hey everyone! Welcome to our little corner of the internet: Amanda Squared & Co. We are, as the name implies, Amanda & Amanda! We are two best friends that share a passion for dogs, reading, coffee, beach trips and Target shopping sprees for things that we definitely don’t need. We also are both huge advocates for self-care and personal development! After many conversations where we would suggest books to the other, recommend yoga classes and talk about other ways to de-stress- a light bulb went off! What if we started a blog and shared all of these ideas with other people? Surely we aren’t the only girls who are looking for ways to balance our work and personal lives all while minimizing our stress and anxiety, right? Right. So here we are! We have always jokingly referred to ourselves as “Amanda Squared” so it was really only fitting that our blog would follow suit!

Self-care really has become a hot topic as of recently. There are articles, books and even memes (but isn’t there a meme for everything?) about how people need to take a little bit of time for themselves. Life is so darn busy for everyone these days because we are all expected to do SO much. It seems like everyone has a to-do list that never ends. What exactly is self-care though and when do you have time for it?! It’s more than a glass of wine and a Target run (although, if that’s your thing, treat yo-self girl!) It’s really about taking the time to do things for yourself that will 1) de-stress you and 2) give you JOY! It’s so easy to get wrapped in the day to day routine of work, kids, chores, etc. that we forget that life is meant to be, well, lived!

This blog was created to inspire, motivate, encourage self-reflection and fuel your fire- whatever that may be! We will be providing weekly challenges/prompts to encourage you to think outside of the box in terms of ways to take care of yourself. We are also going to host a monthly book club where we will dive into some awesome personal development books/journals. We are SUPER excited about that- who doesn’t love a good book club.. bonus points that you can participate in pj’s.

Another huge area of passion for us is health and wellness. We both enjoy yoga but are far from experts. (Being two months postpartum- I would be impressed if I could touch my toes at this point! -Amanda P.) We thought it would be fun to post a weekly yoga flow to hold ourselves accountable in our practice and offer a great way to de-stress.

We are so, so excited for this journey with y’all and are looking forward to creating a community where we can all feel inspired to be the best versions of ourselves.


Stay tuned!

-xo, Amanda’s


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