Top 3 {Recent} Interactive Journaling Books

Hello! Today we are talking about our favorite recent self-exploration journaling books! We are always on the hunt for new, interactive reading material and these 3 are ones that we have personally used in the last month.

1. Start Where You Are: A Journal For Self-Exploration (By: Meera Lee Patel)


Amanda P. here! I bought this journal when I was 8 months pregnant. I was feeling especially anxious about the arrival of my son and needed an outlet to get some of that anxiety down on paper! I love, love, love this journal. Each page has a beautiful hand lettered quote (I am a sucker for quotes, remember!) and it also includes questions and prompts. For example, one page instructs: Write something down that has been troubling you lately. Don’t try to solve the problem, just acknowledge it. I think this is SO powerful! So often we get caught up in over-analyzing our problems when sometimes it might serve us better if we just acknowledge and accept that they exist. My fears and anxiety about giving birth were not something I could necessarily “fix” but it felt good to write my feelings down on paper. Here are a couple of the prompts. I seriously love the graphics in this journal!



2. Love Unending (By: Becky Thompson)


Amanda P. again! I’m actually reading this book via a suggestion from Amy Kiefer on the amazing mama Facebook group she’s created. It is all about marriage after motherhood and how to remember what your relationship was like pre-kiddo’s. It is a 21 day journey in which the author discusses a different aspect of marriage and provides a challenge to the reader regarding their marriage. There is space to journal how you think each challenge will go, as well as reflect afterwards. Each chapter also coincides with a prayer, which is honestly not my jam- so I just skipped that part! I have really enjoyed this book, though it is not something I would have picked out for myself. It has made me reflect on my marriage and the impact that having a little one can have, as well as the importance of continuing to make time for your relationship.

P.S.: If you want more info on all things mama related, check out Amy’s blog: Balanced Ames. She is awesome!


3. The Miracle Morning (By: Hal Elrod)


Hey y’all! Alright, I have read plenty of personal development books but this one so far takes the cake! If you’re anything like me, getting up in the morning is a real struggle, and when I say struggle, I mean hitting snooze from 5am-7am (sorry hubby!) So naturally, I was prowling the Internet for anything that would help. Eventually, I reached out to a girl I am friends with on Facebook who rocks her morning routine. She suggested the Miracle Morning. Now, this book doesn’t have any place to journal inside, but you can buy a journal that goes along with it. (I just used a normal journal!) A quick rundown of the book: it gives you tools and tips to make mornings more bearable, and dare I say, enjoyable. Depending on your schedule they can be done in 6 minutes or 60 minutes. Each chapter talks about a “Life S.A.V.E.R.” and how to implement it in your every day life. Without going too much into detail or giving anything away (because seriously guys, this book was worth every penny) the “Life S.A.V.E.R” is an acronym for the daily tools to implement. I can honestly say I have seen a change in my mood, attitude and productivity in the short amount of time I have been using them. Feel free to check out their website for more information and a sneak peek into the book. (I’m pretty sure you can read the first two chapters for free!) If this can help get ME out of bed, then I am confident that it can help YOU!


So those are our 3 top picks! What are some good journaling books you have utilized lately? What do you look for in journaling/personal development books? Prompts, graphics? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Top 3 {Recent} Interactive Journaling Books

  1. I definitely want to pick up The Miracle Morning. I want to have a morning routine but I can’t find the motivation to do anything extra besides brushing my teeth and hair 🤭


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