Making Time When You “Don’t Have Time”

“I don’t have time.”

How many times do we say this on a daily basis? We don’t have time to read, work out, shower (new moms will feel me on that one!) etc. Do you see a theme? We have time to do the dishes and laundry but not anything for ourselves.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of your family, you can’t fill from an empty cup. So, how do we make time? If you’re anything like me, you can’t neglect housework in order to take a bubble bath or relax in general. I just get in a negative headspace if my house is a mess. So if we can’t replace chores with a self-care date for one, what can we do?

Be Selfish. 

What makes you happy? Do that. We worry so much about our kiddos, spouses, friends, family but what about us? You have to make yourself just as important as everybody that you take care of. A happier you = a happier them.

Schedule time. 

That might seem silly, but if you’re finding yourself pressed for time.. schedule it! You wouldn’t miss an appointment for work regardless of how busy you are, right? Every day during my kiddo’s morning nap, I try to get some writing done. It’s the only reliable nap of the day, so if I miss that, I might not be getting anything done.


Although I very much like a clean house, I have to draw the line somewhere so that I have time for other things. I make sure to keep up with dishes, laundry and the never-ending tumbleweeds of dog hair in order to keep my sanity. Past that, I have to accept that other things are just as important. Making time for reading, yoga and my other hobbies is a more valuable use of my time than scrubbing baseboards.


What do you wish you had more time for? What could you do to make time for it?

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