De-stress Tips: How to go from Whining to Wining

Ever laid down at night and then it all hits you at once, that whirl-wind of anxiety crashes into you, and at that moment you know you’re in for a sleepless/restless night. At that point you know you’re going to be overthinking every detail of the day, or worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring, or if you’re like me, obsessing over things that you can’t change. But what if we had taken the time to invest in ourselves so that this wouldn’t happen? I know what you’re thinking, “yeah right, I cannot fit another thing into my already busy day” and I get it. I really do. However, if you’re a type A like I am, and you have a planner to schedule every detail of your life, then you need to schedule some YOU time. I can’t put enough emphasis on how important to take care of yourself. Taking care of ourselves is what makes us a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. And honestly makes us the best version of ourselves. In a society that tells us we need to be selfless, and put everyone’s needs before our own, I am here to tell you to be selfish. That’s right ladies (or gents if you’re reading this), be selfish for once.

I’m sure you all have your favorite things to do to help you unwind, but if ya don’t, I’m gonna tell you some of my favorite things that I do to de-stress and unwind.

Drink up!
That’s right! Pick your favorite beverage, whether it be alcohol and non and have a single glass.

In the evening after you’ve been running around like a nut trying to get a million things done take a nice hot bath with a glass of wine, with some aromatherapy bath salts to help relax after a long day. Or, curl up on the couch after you put the kids to bed with your favorite cup of warm tea or wine (getting the hint that wine is my go to yet?) and catch up on your favorite show. Remember that journal that you bought 6months ago and have been meaning to start? Well pick it up and write. Write about anything and everything. It helps get all of those thoughts that are constantly swirling around in your head out.  I know some people find journaling kind of difficult, mainly not knowing what to write about, but honestly that’s the best part of it. You can write about whatever or however you want! Lists, poems, songs, whatever comes to mind, anything goes!

Exercise and Meditation
On the other hand, if you’re an early riser, start your morning off with 30 minutes (or more if you choose) of yoga.  Starting your day off with physical activity (doesn’t have to be yoga, looking at you crossfitters) will help lower your stress levels and as a bonus, will help you to have a more productive day! (multitasking at it’s best!) Another favorite way of mine to de-stress in the morning is meditation.  Meditation can be a little daunting because our brains are on hyper speed from the time we get up to the time we go to bed.  What I like to do is sit in a quiet place for 5-10 minutes with my eyes closed and just focus on my breathing. I set an alarm for the 5-10 minutes so I’m not constantly looking at my phone to see if the time is up and just breathe. Not going to lie, I was pretty unsure of meditation at first because, let’s get serious, I can barely focus on one task at a time let alone sit for 10 minutes and relax.  However, after practicing, I find it to be really beneficial to release stress and start my mornings off on a more positive note.  There’s a great app that I use called “Relax Melodies.” It’s a free app that acts as a sound machine and offers guided meditation, which would be helpful if you’re just getting into the practice.

Some of my other favorite ways to de-stress would have to be:

  • Take an afternoon and go on a walk through the woods/ the park
  •  Find a hobby or another creative outlet i.e writing, photography, hiking, something that makes YOU happy
  • Schedule a girls night-whether you want to hit the town or hang out at someone’s house and veg out, girl talk is always a sure way to de-stress
  • If you can, get in your car, put on your favorite song/artist and just sing at the top of your lungs- it works, trust me!

Whether de-stressing is a morning, afternoon or nightly routine for you, the main thing to remember is that you need schedule the time to take care of YOU! Be selfish at times because if you don’t take care of yourself, then taking care of everyone else is that much harder.

And if all else fails, and you feel like you can’t get out of your head- take the advice from the best show ever (Grey’s Anatomy) put on your favorite song and DANCE IT OUT!

Until next time
xo Amanda C.

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