Poor Timing

We started this blog with poor timing. Our first post was approximately two weeks before I returned to work from maternity leave. If you have kids, you can understand that undertaking a project like this with a three month old may have been a bit ambitious. You do everything productive that you need to in quick bursts during naps or in a bedtime hustle before you pass out on the couch yourself. The thing is, there is never going to be a time in the next 18 years to do something like this, or any passion project for myself, that is convenient or easy. But that begs the question- why does it have to be either of those things? When is the last time that you accomplished something and felt pride in it being simple? We feel accomplished and proud when we do the HARD things. The things that nobody else thought that we could do, or should do. I’ve been writing for about two decades now (somewhere in a box in my mother’s possession are the literary works of 5th grade me.. girl had a lot of feelings) and it’s something that I enjoy and yet constantly quit. I quit and use the excuse that the timing was poor or even worse, that I don’t have enough time. I have recently become obsessed with Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl, Wash Your Face” and she said it best in a YouTube video that I stumbled upon:

Stop saying you don’t have time and start being honest about what your priorities are.

Yessss! She continues to say that if you say you don’t have time to pursue your dreams, that she is going to ask you how much time you spent on social media yesterday? How much time did you spend “pinning” things to Pinterest for your dream life? How many hours did you spend scrolling past pictures of other people’s lives and wishing it were your own?

Amanda C. here! From a health perspective, how many times or hours a day do you spend on Instagram or other social media saying ” I wish I could look like her” or ” I wish I could lose weight but I just don’t have the time to meal prep or exercise.” I hear it all the time and what I hear every time someone says that is “It’s not important to me.” And I get it girl, I really do. I have made every excuse to not lose weight, to not exercise or meal prep. The main reason being “I don’t have time.” Well I’m here to tell you, it’s not true. You do have the time. It may not be convenient, but you do. You may have to wake up a little earlier or go to bed a little later but I promise, if it’s important to you, you will find the time.

The next time you find yourself saying that exact sentence ” I don’t have time” regardless of what you’re talking about, your passion, your dream, your weight loss, trying saying “It’s not important to me” and watch how your life changes.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day, so why are we using it to watch other people live out their dreams instead of pursuing our own? The timing might be poor, but there is no such thing as good timing– Amanda Squared & Co. are back and we are here to write, to work out, to spend time with our families, to try new things, to put ourselves out there… we are here to do it all and so can you.


4 thoughts on “Poor Timing

  1. Yayyyy! I love this and you 2:)

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