Dare to Dream (And Actually Do Something About It)

We are big dreamers over here. We have a LOT of passions between us- DIY crafting, writing, working out, home décor/renovations, style… the list goes on! I can’t tell you how many conversations we have had that go like this: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could… *fill in the blank with some vague idea.* We’ll text back and forth about whatever flavor of the week idea we have and then…

Nothing happens.

Sound familiar? That’s because talking about dreams is easy. It’s fun to think about all of the endless possibilities of things that we could accomplish, right?

“I could be a writer.”

“I could start my own business.”

“I could move!”

“I could start training for a marathon.” (I mean, not me specifically, I would sooner step into traffic… but you get the idea.)

Dreams are easy because there’s no real plan involved. It’s a bunch of “what if’s” and “one day’s…” GOALS are tough because they require action. Goals are to do lists and deadlines and commitment; all things that are significantly more intimidating than daydreaming. Goals, though, that’s the good stuff. That’s how you get things accomplished. If I say that “I could write a blog…” well, that sounds nice. I could browse other people’s blogs, creep their Instagram feeds and think about all of the things I could write about. OR I could set a goal that says “I WILL write a blog.” Now I’ve made a commitment. I WILL do this thing. I will make a to do list: design website, create content, publish post X amount of times a week, focus on social media output, etc. I will make deadlines: create X amount of content within 3 months, increase readership by X percentage, etc.

The difference is in the intent. While there is some truth to the sentiment of “you can accomplish anything you set your mind to”, I think it’s more work than that. You can’t just dream it and expect it to come to fruition. It’s about the things you WILL do, not the things you COULD do. While we all have endless potential, you have to develop some kind of game plan or you will forever be doodling in the margins of your notebooks instead of living up to your potential.

We are following our own advice here, so you can check back weekly for a new post! We won’t guarantee that it will fall on the same day because ya know, life, but we’ll do our best! We have already brainstormed some great posts for the rest of the month so be sure to follow along with us- and feel free to creep our Instagram feed to make us feel cool. 😉 (P.S: Do people still type smiley faces on the internet? That felt very 2004/dial-up internet-y.)

We would also like to hear from you guys! What are some things you would like to see from us? Is it puppy pictures? Craft tutorials? *Crosses fingers for puppy pictures.*

-A. Sq.

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