How to Stop Quitting

I realized something recently. The list of things that I have aspired to do and never stuck with is pretty damn long.

Write a book.

Do yoga/become a yoga instructor.

Work out every day.

Give up dairy.

Learn photography.

Learn calligraphy.

I have always jokingly told the story where I played softball for ONE day before promptly quitting. My mother took me to the sporting goods store and bought me the cleats, the glove, the bat. I went to practice that first day and realized something that should have been obvious prior to going in: I had not one clue how to play softball. Like, at all. Here I was surrounded by girls who had likely been playing since t-ball. So I quit because I was scared. Scared of looking stupid, scared that I wouldn’t be any good, scared that it would be hard.

I have so many other stories that mirror my softball experience. I wanted to try things, but I was scared, so I either quit early on or didn’t bother trying at all. How sad is that?! While I was busy being scared, there were people who were pursuing their dreams/hobbies and getting better. Everyone has to start somewhere, but I always felt like everyone automatically knew more than I did. Spoiler alert: they didn’t! They were just willing to try.

I could go on and on with stories of things I’ve quit, but I think you get the idea. How many times am I going to give up on myself before I stick with something? Unless I begin to hold myself accountable, the answer is infinite. Truly, who cares if you stick to your goals more than you? Your spouse, family, friends- hopefully they all support you, but at the end of the day the expectations that you have to live up to are your own.

So the real question is: how do I change a life long habit of quitting?


Start doing the thing. Start doing it today. Start right now!

There is nobody out there who is successful at something without having failed first. There is not an actor who woke up one day and landed the lead role in a major movie. There is not a musician who went on a worldwide tour the summer they began playing.

We have a ton of goals between us, but this blog, this is our thing. So we are going to be here, every week, showing up. We aren’t going to quit because it’s scary, or quit because not enough people are paying attention. We are going to keep going and we challenge you to do the same thing! Whatever it is that you always say you’re going to do, start doing it!

If you follow us on Instagram, which you totally should, you saw that we linked to Rachel Hollis’ (our fave author!) Last 90 Days Challenge. The premise of the challenge is that you treat the last 90 days of the year like you would the first 30. Instead of letting go of your goals because it’s the end of the year and having a “new year, new me” mindset- be a new you right now! We are diving in head first to this challenge and will be talking about it here and on Instagram feed, so be sure to check it out! You can still sign up for Rachel’s weekly emails- it’s completely free, so you have nothing to lose!

We can do this, friends!

-A. Sq.

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