That Awkward Moment When…

Have you ever published a goal onto the internet and then completely disregarded it?

Yeah… us either. (Ha!)

Back in October we were over here really excited about committing to ourselves in the form of exercise, writing, and personal development in general. We were really freaking excited!

Annnnd kind of like I talked about in our post about starting this blog initially when I returned to work from maternity leave, something pretty life changing happened! Amanda C. found out that she and her husband are expecting their first baby! HOW STINKING EXCITING RIGHT?! Just like that, we were kind of thrown for a loop. I will let her talk personally about that experience in another post, but I can speak to the fact that when something big like that happens, it is easy to forget your other goals. It is so hard to concentrate on what, in comparison, are things that seem SO small when something SO big is happening.

We have regrouped for 2019 and as much as people want to say that all of the New Year, New Me stuff is a giant cliche (and I would be one of those people) there IS something refreshing about a new year. We are taking this time to reflect on all of the amazing things that 2018 brought us and are so excited to jump into 2019 with a clearer mindset of our goals over here at Amanda Squared Co.

We hope that you all had a bright and Merry Christmas with your loved ones and a very Happy New Year!

See you soon…

-A. Sq.

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