Hello, 2019!

Hello everyone! Now that we are somehow 2 weeks into January already (seriously, how did that happen?!) everyone is probably getting settled back into post-holiday/time off work routines. January is a time for new beginnings and if you’re not afraid of the word, resolutions. There seems to be this new thing where people roll their eyes at you if you say you have a New Year’s resolution, but I say, whatever works for you and gets you motivated.

Now, I personally didn’t set any one specific resolution or goal this year. I wanted to focus on improving myself as a whole instead of choosing just one thing.

The focus here is on IMPROVING myself, not CHANGING or FIXING myself. When I was in high school, I remember thinking before every single year, “This is the year that it will be different. This is the year that I will get up early to do my make up and straighten my hair. This is the year that I will become friends with everybody, join (and excel at) a sport and oh yeah, I will have a 4.0 GPA.” I don’t think I have to tell you that none of those things happened. I was so focused on just becoming this completely different person that I wasn’t really committed to any of my goals. I was committed to the illusion of what or who I thought I wanted to be.

Some ways that I am working on myself THIS year are: journaling, exercising, blogging, pursuing my hobbies, not giving away my time or energy to toxic people, de-cluttering my home and locking down my financial goals. I thought that maybe I could go an entire blog without mentioning Rachel Hollis, but I guess I was wrong.. her Start Today journal is fantastic! Now if you follow Rachel you will know that these things sell out in a matter of minutes, but she is gracious enough to share the layout on her Rise podcast. In essence, you are writing down 5 things you are grateful for each day as well as 10 dreams for yourself. The key is, you write the dreams as if they have already happened. So for me, one of my dreams was “I exercise 3 times per week.” The concept is that you train your brain to treat these goals as though you have already accomplished them, which motivates you to actually do so. I will be completely transparent and say that I don’t remember to write in it every day, but, I am a work in progress and I do think it is a valuable tool.

I am looking forward to a better me in 2019 and a better blog. We are going to being adding a LOT more content and adding some different features, such as other sharing resources (blogs, podcasts, etc) out there that we are currently using and loving!

We would also LOVE to hear from YOU! What things are you working on this year/what are your resolutions? Two weeks into the new year, are you keeping up momentum or losing speed? Stay tuned for a post later this week on a couple of ways that you can stay motivated…or if you’re anything like me prior to 2019, FIND any motivation at all.

-A. Sq.

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