The Light Pours In

Each morning, the light pours in from the oddly placed window above our dining room table. Depending on where you are sitting in the room, it is either a beacon of hope, a day fresh with possibilities—or it is quite literally blinding you. We spent most days teetering on this paradox—the idea that something can [...]

A New Normal

"I go to school today, mommy? See my friends?" My two year old asks. "Not today, honey. Hopefully soon." He is quickly distracted, as two years old are. I'm not sure how well he understands the concept of time, but I know he knows that some days he goes to daycare and some days he [...]

Sunday Morning Coffee

I sit here with my coffee, already having tended to 5 living creatures this morning— one baby, and four animals. (Forever debating whose grand idea that was.) My sweet daughter, having woken up twice before I fell asleep for the night, graciously slept until 5am. Since we stayed in pajamas all day the previous day [...]

On Repeat

Much like the ocean, it is easy to be consumed by the overwhelming nature of motherhood; to be swallowed up in the waves, struggling to stand one second and the next, be at the shore, admiring the sunset. This post was written as part of a blog hop with Exhale—an online community of women pursuing [...]