Just Breathe..

2:58am..I wake up groggy.“ I just went to bed at 12:30am. If this isn’t the real deal, I’m going to be super annoyed…”3:10am..“Ugh, I’m so tired, I’ve barely slept the past month, all I want is a good night’s sleep.”3:17am..“Hm.. alright, these definitely seem more consistent than they have been.”3:27am..“Are these real contractions? Is it [...]

How To: Do It All

This past summer, I participated in the Kickstart Our Creativity Challenge though the Exhale Creativity community via Coffee + Crumbs. One of the daily challenges was to write for 20 minutes uninterrupted. This was my piece and it still speaks true to me now... the constant tug between my creative endeavors and motherhood. If you [...]

A New Year Ahead

As I sit here with my coffee this morning, baby monitor on in the background and reflect on 2019, the words that come to mind are: whirlwind, grateful, genuinely happy, and blessed.   2019, I can honestly say, has been my favorite year to date. 2019 we welcomed our sweet daughter into this world, and while [...]

Transitions Series: A First Time Mama’s Perspective on Returning to Work

We are kicking off a mini series about transitions! For the first two posts in the series, we are focusing on returning to work. The first post will be from the perspective of a first time mom (Amanda C.) and a mom of two (Amanda P.) Check out our bios to see put a face [...]